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A roundtable discussion where fellow BIPOC visual directors (photo directors, art directors, design directors, creative directors) talk about their experiences, challenges and journeys
in the photo & design industry.

Cenita started as a way to foster conversations and support for Latinx visual directors and editors in the creative industry. Inspired by the lack of representation and the challenges Latinx creatives face when getting to mid-to-senior director positions, Cenita aims to empower BIPOC and historically underrecognized communities (HUC) through the western gaze of visual directors/editors to thrive and pave the way for future generations of diverse creative leaders. Cenita brings together professionals with varying experience levels to share their stories, insights, and ideas over a meal.
The project was from the realization that Latinx creatives feel alone/unsupported in their journeys and have to navigate a landscape filled with microaggressions, tokenization, and limited opportunities for advancement. Cenita provides a safe space to connect, learn from each other, and explore ways to have more equitable/inclusive conversations in the creative industry.

Through intimate gatherings centered around food, a powerful symbol of cultural heritage and connection, Cenita encourages open and honest discussions about their experiences in and out the workforce. Guests build community and belonging by sharing traditional dishes and personal stories, finding strength and inspiration in their shared struggles and successes.

Cenita is more than a dinner party; it is a movement to amplify the voices of Latinx creatives and also expand to BIPOC creative leaders to celebrate our contributions and advocate for greater representation and support in the creative industry for those who can make change through power in numbers and active seats at the table.

Cenita! Cenita two lives in our memories :-,) 

Read Cenita transcript here

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