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Cafecito is a 1:1 meeting series for creatives, from historically underrecognized communities in the context of the western gaze, to chat about portfolios, project ideas, pitches, creatives, feelings-anything! ⁣Cafecito is a place for takeaways, sharing insights, creative advice and consultancy on navigating the current state of intersectional photo/design & wider creative industry.

Cafecito 2024: Applications open June 15 2024!

Cafecito IRL! 

shout outs from folks of the community post 

Cafecito sessions and continuing to build resources and communities <3 


Cafecito - Photoville NYC

in 2024, started taking the show on the road and hosting live events


Next: June 1 - June 16

Cafecito Exhibition 

at Photoville NYC


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