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Nicole Motta > Creative Producer, AD
Work > Selected Projects > Google

Creative Producer (via Selman) for various Google team accounts

Google Brand, Grow with Google, Google Creative Laband some art direction on the side. 

Branding, Campaigns, Illustrations for Nationwide tour & NYC Learning Center (link)
Creative Producer (Selman)

Grow with Google 

Art Director, Creative Producer (via Selman)

Communications Art - Typography / Digital Advertising / Business 

Google Super G: National Doughnut Day

Multimedia campaign featuring Black Americans and Black American-led movements that were the “most searched” in the
United States, according to Google Trends history, dating back to 2004. 

Creative Producer (via Selman) 

Google Brand Studio: Most Searched

Grow with Google: On Air 

When the pandemic pushed the program to a virtual space, we adapted the GwG brand for online use. 
Creative Producer (via Selman)

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